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07/25/20_17 City of Beaumont <br />1:52:06PM <br />Code Enforcement Cases By Type and Status <br />For the Period 1/1/2009 thru 7/25/2017 <br />Page 1 <br />Opened Type <br />Assigned Site Address <br />Owner <br />Case No <br />Closed SubType <br />Status Parcel Number <br />Resident <br />DEM200905126 <br />02/06/2009 DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 5120 CONCORD RD <br />L H & P LTD <br />COMMERCIAL <br />A 021850000008400000007 <br />Case Name: 5120 CONCORD RD -COMMERCIAL <br />Description: <br />DEM200905191 <br />03/24/2009 DEMOLITION <br />MELANIE BRYANT2204 PECOS ST <br />THOMAS CALVIN <br />RESIDENTIAL <br />A 050750000005800000007 <br />Case Name: 2204 PECOS ST <br />Description: <br />DEM200905252 <br />05/19/2009 DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 459 FANNIN ST <br />ORLEANS SAN JACINTO <br />COMMERCIAL <br />A 003200000015200000002 <br />uTm nnsn <br />Case Name: 459 FANNIN ST <br />Description: <br />DEM200905868 <br />07/08/2009 DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 2372 HAZEL ST <br />WEALTH STREAT CAPITAL LLC <br />RESIDENTIAL <br />ACTIVE 002550000029900000000 <br />Case Name: 2372 HAZEL ST <br />Description: <br />DEM201105899 <br />04/29/2011 DEMOLITION <br />SEANWILLIAMS 1323MAGNOLIAAVE <br />BAINEDONNALYNN <br />COMMERCIAL <br />A 012100000007600000004 <br />Case Name: 1323 MAGNOLIA (COMMERCIAL) <br />Description: <br />DEM2012-00024 <br />08/07/2012 PL DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 2245 ANGELINA ST <br />CABRERA-CONTRERAS JOSE M <br />RESIDENTIAL <br />ACTIVE 050750000015300000006 <br />irrn <br />Case Name: 2245 ANGELINA ST <br />Description: <br />DEM2012-00102 <br />10/03/2012 SW DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 4378 KENNETH AVE <br />HERRERA JAIME & MARIA <br />AUXILIARY BUILDINGS <br />ACTIVE 018150000009300000008 <br />Case Name: 4391 OGDEN AVE -(4) AUX. BLDGS. ONLY <br />Description: <br />DEM2012-00130 <br />11/07/2012 SW DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 1192 ELGIE ST <br />CLEON FOWLER <br />RESIDENTIAL <br />ACTIVE 012150000031500000001 <br />Case Nance: 1192 ELGIE ST <br />Description: <br />DEM201206109 <br />06/01/2012 DEMOLITION <br />MELANIE BRYANT685 ROYAL ST <br />CHAKULA CREASY <br />COMMERCIAL <br />ACTIVE 035600000005200000007 <br />Case Name: 685 ROYAL ST -(COMMERCIAL) <br />Description: <br />DEM2013-00053 <br />02/05/2013 TM DEMOLITION <br />SEAN WILLIAMS 620 LINDBERGH DR <br />Harold Denton, Jr. <br />GARAGE <br />ACTIVE 009700000000300000000 <br />Case Name: 620 LINDBERGH -LARGE METAL GARAGE <br />Description: <br />DEM2013-00080 <br />03/15/2013 TM DEMOLITION <br />MELANIE BRYANT3490 WASHINGTON BLVD <br />PERRY G GREEN <br />COMMERCIAL. <br />ACTIVE 300005000042800000009 <br />Case Nance. 3490 WASHINGTON BLVD <br />Description: <br />CODE4I <br />C§TS fSTE1.5 <br />